Violence against aboriginal women

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End violence against Aboriginal women

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Lawmakers may study violence against Native American women

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Aboriginal Women

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Ending Violence Against Native Women

Our mission is to stop violence against Native women and children by advocating for social change in our communities. The second one, run by Real for Women, is entitled “Man Murders Woman ” and specifically focusses on the victims of men’s violence against women.

Despite their different focusses, at this point in time the difference in the respective tallies is 1. 36 on DtJ and 33 on RfW. “Violence against women, including Aboriginal women, is not an ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander problem,' nor should they bear sole responsibility for fixing it,” Ms Kinnersly said.

“This is a national problem, with complex historical and contemporary drivers located right across Australian society. • Violence against women may result in death, injury or permanent disability, unwanted pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, and/or emotional trauma, and in the longer term, abuse can lead to a range of chronic health problems.

Violence against Aboriginal women is described as one of the most pressing social issues in Canadian society today (Native Women’s Association of Canada, ).

Violence rates are higher among Aboriginal women across the country and sexual violence is no. utic and learning opportunities. While there is a broad movement against violence in Aboriginal communities, the network of over 41 Native Women’s Shelters remains at the heart of the struggle.

Violence against aboriginal women
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