Transference and counterference

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What Do Transference and Counter Transference Mean?

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It is attractive to recognize the arguments of transference and countertransference on the very and the only. Transference was a word coined by Sigmund Freud to label the way patients "transfer" feelings from important persons in their early lives, onto the psychoanalyst or therapist.

Transference and countertransference are both normal phenomena that may arise during the course of the therapeutic relationship.

Understanding these phenomena in nursing is important because the primary focus of nursing is. Transference and countertransference: In a therapy context, transference refers to redirection of a client's feelings from a significant person to a therapist.

Transference (German: Übertragung) is a theoretical phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of the feelings a person has about a second person to feelings the first person has about a third person.


It usually concerns feelings from an important second-person relationship from childhood, and is sometimes considered.

Transference and Counterference. Topics: Patient, Transference is manifested against the counselor is the best insight on which the counselor can help bring unconscious feeling and experiences from the past that impact here-and-now behavior into the conscious mind.

Transference and Counter Transference are not the easiest of concepts to understand and many new coaches find these difficult. The term transference originates from Psychodynamic Therapy where it is defined as a client’s unconscious conflicts that can cause problems in everyday life.

Transference and counterference
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