Submit and syllabus

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Who do I snare for additional help. Geometry part was however, found to be a bit more sophisticated in CAT. MU BERT Electronic Syllabus Submission Page 1 of 3 Office of Academic Affairs MU B.E.R.T.

(Banner Extraction and Reporting Tool) is a tool supported by the Office of Academic Affairs. How and where to submit your syllabi.

Submit the syllabus for each course in a separate PDF or Word document attached to an email. If they won’t all fit in one email, please send multiple emails. Include your name and date of birth in the body of each email or at the top of each syllabus.

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STEP 2: Submit Your Syllabi

The AP Course Audit ensures that each AP course meets curricular and resource requirements, and completing the audit is required for any course labeled “AP.”. Building a Foundation with Microsoft Office The Basics. Click SYLLABUS SUBMIT in the ACTIONS column for the class you would like to submit a syllabus for.

This will open the submission form.

Syllabus Upload Form

Click the BROWSE or CHOOSE button to open a file selection window. Find and select the file you want to submit. Press the OPEN button.

Submit and syllabus
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