Path goal theories situational factors and leader style management essay

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Path-Goal Theory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership theories: Considering leadership reveals school of thought giving different leadership theories such as Great Man theory, trait theory, behaviourist theory, situational leadership theory, contingency theory, transactional theory and transformational theory.

The big assumption of the path goal leadership theory is that leaders are flexible in their styles. While that is ideal for leadership, reality is that most leaders have a certain preferred style. Some leaders are more people-oriented in their approach while others are more task-oriented.

According to House’s path-goal theory, a leader’s effectiveness depends on several employee and environmental contingent factors and certain leadership styles. All these are explained in. Contingency theory of leadership holds that people become leaders not only because of their qualities but also because of various situational factors.

Fiedler's contingency theory of leadership explains the 3 elements affecting the relationship between leadership style and situation favorableness. Oct 07,  · Related theories include transformational and transactional leadership, contingency theory, path-goal theory, and personality theories.

Life Cycle Theory was not included since situational leadership originated from Life Cycle Theory. My main strengths fall within the trait approach, path-goal theory, situational approach, relationship aspect of style approach, and servant leadership theories.


Path goal theories situational factors and leader style management essay
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Summary of Path-Goal Theory - Robert House. Abstract