Graphene industry for global and china

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China auto show highlights industry's electric ambitions

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The biggest global auto show of the year showcases China's ambitions to become a leader in electric cars and the industry's multibillion-dollar scramble to roll out models that appeal to price.

Climate change is one of the major concerns of 21st century. Tremendous efforts are being made to tackle the climate change issue of the globe.

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Is China still leading the graphene race? As competition to exploit the "wonder material" has intensified around the world, detailed reports have so far been published which set out an in-depth depiction of the global patent landscape for graphene, notably from CambridgeIP and the UK Intellectual Property Office, in and respectively.

Global and China Graphene Industry Report, highlights the followings: Development of upstream and downstream industries of graphene, including graphite, graphene device processing, etc.

Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation offers the graphene needed to build the world of tomorrow

The "Global and China Graphene Industry Report, " report has been added to's offering. Inthere were a total of 13, patent filings about graphene .

Graphene industry for global and china
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Global and China Graphene Industry Report,