Ccot essay trade between africa and

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The Mongols promoted and referenced safe conditions for bringing and trading on the Silk Road.

Ccot: the Silk Road

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I used this feeling to find information about how the Chocolate Road was created, when it was, and why it was delivered. Interactions between developing trade routes led to city popularity, wealth and success. Such cities include, Cairo, Quilon, and Melaka, which became major factors in Afro-Eurasian trade.

Technology in the region also led to many different changes in the Indian Ocean region. The essay contains multiple analyses of change in trade networks between Africa and Eurasia in the second paragraph (1 point).

Overall, it meets all the criteria for. – CCOT () Analyze changes and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean region from C.E. to C.E. () Analyze similarities and differences in TWO of the following trade networks in the period C.E. to C.E. The Generic CCOT Rubric has since made Analysis a distinct category, so I separated out the analysis requirement for this annotated rubric.

This is the only difference between how the question was actually graded and how it would be graded now, given the newer rubric. The essay includes a reason for change in interregional trade in the extended discussion of the increased need for slaves because of the increased number of.

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Ccot essay trade between africa and
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